Friday, 15 March 2013

Ectopic pregnancy

My first ectopic pregnancy was in November 2010 but I don't want to talk about that one at the moment I want to talk about my second ectopic as it happened a year ago this weekend.
At the start of last year i decided to get fit and in March my husband mentioned that one of his colleagues ran a gym who's partner did a ladies only boxercise class sounded my kind of thing similar to body combat which used to like & I get to punch things one way to fight depression.
I went to my first class & enjoyed it, the next day I felt alright then in the afternoon I started getting a pain and a sudden sharp pain in my abdomen which went straight through to my back. My friend noticed I didn't look happy and I mentioned it to her and she knew of my history so she asked are you pregnant I said no I couldn't be I was in the middle of my cycle and AF had only been two weeks earlier. The pain started to go to my groin area & I spoke to my husband he said it sounds like you have pulled a muscle hun take some pain killers and see how it goes.
The next day (a year today)I woke up still in a lot of pain and noticed some brownish spotting so decided not to go work & to go the doctors.
I think in the back of mind I knew something wasn't right so I took a urine test in with me. It reminded me of my first miscarriage were I didn't realise I was pregnant and AF had appeared as normal but I bleed for three weeks before I found out.
So I got an early appointment with the doctor I explained what was happening & she said she wanted to do a pregnancy test due to my history.
When she said its positive your pregnant I burst into tears and just said no it can't be happening again, don't get me wrong I wanted to be pregnant it was I was in pain on my right hand side and it had only been 15 months since my last ectopic which I had seen my left tube removed I panicked. But she was brilliant she called the hospital and she didn't want me to go on my own so wanted to ensure I had someone so I called my DH but I couldn't speak so she explained everything to him. As he was at home sleeping he said send her home and I will take me.
By the time I got home he had called my parents asked them to look after the dogs & was waiting for me.
In the half hour it took to get the hospital I had calmed down a lot but didn't feel very positive about it. We were taken for a scan but they couldn't see anything and because of AF being only 2 weeks before couldn't be sure on dates so it was down to blood tests. I had been here before so the waiting was annoying the results came back confirming my beta hcg confirmed I was pregnant but I had to go back in two days for another.
So on the Saturday morning DH stayed up to take me for another blood test the results came in at 2 the doctor started to tell me my options to wait and see what another blood test on Monday said or come in for exploratory surgery, I couldn't take it in and said so the results show its ectopic they said oh sorry the results were yes its looking like an ectopic. I didn't want surgery couldn't afford time of work so said we would come back on Monday for another blood test.
DH called his boss explained the situation and asked for his shift to be covered as he didn't want to leave me alone that night.
The next morning I woke about 6 and DH asked how I was feeling I said in pain the paracetamol wasn't touching it, I was scared it didn't feel right so said I wanted to go to A&E.
We got to A&E at 7am and by 8am I was on a ward being told I was going for surgery lucky I hadn't eaten since 8 the night before so I was going straight away but before that they did another scan the still couldn't see anything except the cyst on the tube which had got larger since the Thursday. The consultant explained my options they would complete key hole surgery as they had last time to see what was happening if the ectopic was near the uterus he would leave it and use medication for it to be removed, if it wasn't they would remove my tube and my next option would be IVF.
After that everything happened so quick I was taken to surgery and I was back on the ward by 12.
I waited till visiting hours to find out what happened as they wouldn't let DH stay so when he came back they advised my tube was removed that they found the ectopic which was large and extending my tube outwards when I asked if it was near the cyst and was that why they hadn't seen it she couldn't say, but they had drained the cyst. My next option should we want to was IVF we both said without hesitation yes that's what we wanted.
Because we had been trying for 12months after the first ectopic are doctor had already talked about sending us for IVF so we had
already discussed this option.

I look back now and know I am lucky that I didn't just dismiss the pain as muscle strain & ignored it, the outcome could have been a lot worse.
I also can't believe that a year on we are in the 2 week wait to see if I am pregnant again and feeling scared that it could happen again
Keeping my fingers crossed that this is our time
J x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

lets start blogging!

 I am new to this so you will have to bear with my spelling and grammar.
I thought I would give this ago and share my journey to making our family into three or as my husband would say five cant forget the dogs.
So here we go I am 36 years old and married my husband in May 2008 and we then started to try for a baby.
Without going into much just yet (if i did you would be reading an essay) since starting to try I have had 3 miscarriages at around 6weeks & 2 ectopic pregnancies which resulted in my tubes removed and going down the IVF route.
We have just completed are 1st IVF cycle and are currently in the 2 week wait, but that's for another post.
J x